Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Australia, we have a problem: we are violent sadists

ABC Four Corners: Australia's shame

Dear Malcolm (my prime minister) and Barnaby (my elected representative for the New England notwithstanding that I live in the Hunter),

Where do I start? I don't know where to start.

What hope is there for a nation that has such a blatant disregard for life?

Our scorecard is abysmal: we mistreat ...

- our environment

- our dogs

- our cattle

- our women

- our asylum seekers

- our human rights commissioner

- our elderly

- our children

... and all of this has all been conducted on your watch, in fact countless Australian govenments' watch ... for decades.

We have had endless Royal Commissions into our various atrocities but nothing ever changes.

And here we are again in what seems like some hideously macabre 'Groundhog Day' loop this time regarding our children.

Oh it's all too easy to wave your magic wand and declare
Behold, I do believe we'll hold another series of Meetings-That-Take-Forever-And-Achieve-Nothing now that I've chatted to the Human Rights Commissioner whom we bullied and threatened but just a while ago ... oh chortle chortle, a mere trifle now that we need her imprimatur
... but how will any of what you're proposing improve the immediate lives of those poor children whose images were broadcast on ABC television last night?

The sheer agony and terror we witnessed on their faces, and their bodies and their spirits, should haunt us all forever because let's face it, we all stand guilty of turning away and letting this happen ... namely because some of 'us' keep on voting for the likes of you, making you our elected representatives, only for you to subsequently permit this brutal treatment to happen in our name.

How dare you.

This dark and cruel episode is yet another example of a systemic national and cultural government fail.

The children's so-called crimes, which landed them in that dickensian reform centre, were nothing compared to the torture and 'crimes against humanity' that were incessantly meted out to them.

Yes, these state-sanctioned 'crimes against humanity' inflicted with such an obvious intent to cause suffering must make us all hang our heads in shame that:

(1) these children were terrorised at the hands of people who were supposed to be looking after them

(2) we endlessly vote for such cruel governments that allow such physical and psychological suffereing to happen.

We have a problem, Malcolm and Barnaby, and you and we are it.

(Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister also emailed, facebooked and tweeted, and this blog post cross-posted to Scone Blogger's Blog)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Open letter to Mike Baird: Sydney Light Rail & Due Diligence

(Anzac Cove, 25th April 1915)
Dear Premier,

What with the ignorant destruction of our living ANZAC memorial on Anzac Parade and Alison Road, I along with so many others are now heartbroken by the decimation of the iconic Tree of Knowledge this week.

How could this have been approved and sanctioned? How come even Randwick council had no idea that this was about to take place?

Photo: tree of knowledge (Jayne Leadbetter)

Looking back over the past couple of months it now seems that the federal election campaign provided us with some political-expedient respite from your municipal ecocide but of course once the news of Malcolm Turnbull's return to the Lodge was announced this week, the chainsaw onslaught resumed without warning and in the dead of night - we should have seen that coming.

Once again we find ourselves asking questions about the whole Sydney light rail exercise, and we are not prepared to be fobbed off ... we want answers.

Given the excellent bus service that Randwick used to enjoy on a separate bus lane along with an excellent separate cycleway and the fairly free-flowing car boulevards of Anzac Parade and Alison Road, clearly in a nutshell, it was quite obvious to the world that Randwick and its environs were well served by a decent public tranpsort network ...

So my questions are:

1. Why did you start renovating an excellent existing public transport network in an area that had an excellent existing public transport network?

2. Why did you not start your light rail project in an area of Sydney that was poorly serviced by public transport? ... and goodness me, there are plenty of those.

3. Is the Sydney Light Rail project actually a 'public transport' project or are we going to be plagued by yet another 'Public Private Partnership' (PPP) which will turn out to be equally expensive as the current PPP train service to Sydney airport (Domestic and International)?

4. How useful will the Sydney Light Rail network actually be given that its carrying capacity is known to be considerably smaller than the existing public transport bus network?
It appears to me that there is a significant disconnect between the expectations held by the public and and those held by the government as to what a good public tranpsort network should be. I mean I would have imagined that the ordinary person on a Bondi tram, oh whoops, there isn't one anymore; ok the ordinary person on a Randwick bus, oh whoops, there won't be one very soon; ok the ordinary person thinking about catching some form of public transport to or from Randwick, I would have imagined that they would be expecting that if their government was building a new and costly transport network, this new shiny transport network would be a considerably better one than the existing one that's being replaced. Word on the street says this is not going to be the case. Word on the street is convinced that this new transport project will not meet a 'proper public transport brief.'
6. Was due diligence carried out by your relevant government department before you procured the services of the current conglomerate of multi-nationals for this project?
In an open letter to the children of Sydney and NSW, I went through some of the various transport entities engaged in this current decimation of our heritage listed trees and living war memorial, and it would appear that some of them have quite a few cases to answer for bribery, corruption and ineptness both here and overseas.
We want a public inquiry now on this Sydney Light Rail matter, and you need to seek an injunction to halt your contractors' work whilst the matter is being reviewed. To continue as you are would be unconscionable. Many of us feel we have been misled and deceived, and as NSW voters we are entitled to respect and consideration from you and your government.

As a daughter and a granddaughter and a great-granddaugher of military men who all lost their lives while serving their country (England, in my case), I take war memorials very seriously, and politicians who rock up on Anzac days and Remembrance Days clutching theirs hearts and looking tragic do not cut it with me especially when in another part of their lives they are overseeing the desecration of memories and history.

We have not remembered those soldiers who marched from their barracks in Kensington down Anzac Parade to the boats that would cart them to faraway lands to fight wars for a faraway country; we have not honoured our dead.

We have trashed their living memorial.

We have forgotten.

Photo: End of an era, the Tree of Knowledge (Mary McAughney)

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

John McCrae

Please, Premier, grant us a public inquiry into the Sydney Light Rail project, its construction, its eventual operation and its actual necessity.

Yours as usual in tears and motivation,
Sue Abbott
Scone, NSW

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Let it be #ByeByeBarnaby

Screen capture: Barnaby Joyce, Sydney Morning Herald

Please please please, dear electorate of New England, let's not return this guy!

I mean what has Barnaby actually ever done for us? ... nothing!

And furthermore, what could Barnaby do for us? ... nothing!

We deserve better.

$$$ He pretends he is not committed to coal, yet will go along with any NSW state government decision to dig up Breeza and the Liverpool Plains

$$$ He is committed to coal seam gas and appears to have a perceived conflict of interest with regards to property he owns and a nearby coal seam gas exploration licence.

$$$ He is also committed to Live Animal Export in another perceived conflict of interest kind of a way nothwithstanding the recent revelations of that industry's terrible practices - he has no intention of shutting that shameful trade down.

Screen capture: The Three Fossils (my words), Scone Advocate

$$$ He is a pork-barreller and he is yet another politician to promise millions of dollars for a local bypass/overpass in Scone - politicians have been doing that in this town of mine ever since I first arrived here and I came to Scone in 1983. So thirty three years later we still don't have either, and as the coal industry inexorably grinds to a halt notwithstanding Barnaby and co doing their best King Canute routines, the need in Scone lessens exponentially for both.

$$$ He is incoherent .. and oh boy he is ... utterly offensive.

He's a dinosaur; he's a fossil; he's a National Party member; we can expect no more.

So let us remember when we're in that ballot box cubicle later on today that can do better, and that our children deserve a future, and if we elect Barnaby as our local representative, we can kiss that dream away.

Put the Liberals and Nationals last and VOTE 1 Tony Windsor!!!!

#PutLNPLast #VoteForSomeoneElse


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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Yet another pending bicycle helmet trial

I got my trial date!!! ... that's something hey! 

So yes I will get yet another opportunity to defend my Australian criminal behaviour of riding a bicycle without a helmet and to highlight the complete nuttiness of this silly regulation.

The Adelaide Magistrate was incredulous when she realised that I had only flown to Adelaide for this pre-trial and nothing else, and she was none too impressed with my brief arguments on discrimination and self-defence. 

She tried hard to dissuade me from pursuing my defence quest any further with a spirited spiel on regulations and how they work and just because I didn't like this one did not mean that I could expect to win.

She also raised the sad spectre of me being an 'out-on-your-own-eo' protestor, and that she couldn't see any media in court, so I must be a lone voice, with no groups or individuals supporting me, spending a lot of money on flights and accommodation basically on a lost cause. 

In my head I was thinking what dinosaurs the legal establishment are clinging to a media concept of real live 'Murdoch' (this is Adelaide) journalists sitting in court rooms with pad and pencils at the ready, but out loud I mentioned that I have a fairly significant online presence, run a blog and do have quite wide community support across the country. 

She sighed, gave me a date in September to which I asked if we could change that given that I have our daughter's wedding then. She enthusiastically put the trial date back to October saying that a wedding was way more important, and then she helpfully suggested I come back to Adelaide on a Friday or a Monday so I could make a weekend of it!!!! Giving me a new date now at the end of October she then said she hoped something was actually on in Adelaide that particular weekend!!!

Such a funny place this country of mine! 

And after I was all done and dusted in the Adelaide Magistrates Court,  I enjoyed morning tea with a real live Adelaide supporter before my flight back to New South Wales!!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Law of oppression and privilege continues to plague my life

Waiting to board my plane in Sydney which will carry me across this continent to the city of Adelaide for an appearance in the Adelaide Magistrates Court tomorrow.

After seven years of fighting, entailing at least 20 moments in various Australian courts, I'm wondering if we've made any inroads regarding our quest of getting rid of Australia's daft helmet laws.

Given that the rest of the world is cool with cycling without helmet law, it is no wonder that Australia is regarded as a deluded outlier in terms of transport other than private motor vehicles. We refuse to listen to international evidence and instead pedal our half-baked home grown academics' rubbishy studies on the urgent need for head protection law. It's all bunkum and those half-baked academics and our politicians know it.

Anyway I'll keep you posted with what happens in this never-ending Curial adventure of mine.

Chat soon!

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Tooting, London, England

It doesn't matter where you live in the world ... the major parties have failed us.

And if we continue to vote in our customary conservative or labour manner, or that customary conservative or labour manner of our parents and grandparents we are set to continue to fail.

By continuing to vote for the current array of politicians we continue our onslaught on the environment and our people. We cannot expect a change of vision and or leaderhsip with likes of David Cameron or George Osborne or Jeremy Corbyn or Tom Watson or in my part of the world with the likes of Malcolm Turnbull or Scott Morrison or Bill Shorten or Tanya Plibersek ... and if we don't change the mould we will keep getting yet another tranche of democratically elected representatives who yet again come in on our coat-tails only to become the pathetic and destructive cheer leaders for the big corporates (primarily the fossil fuel ones) that we're all too familiar with.

 We have our children to think of now, and our children's children and everybody else's children and their children's children,

Enter centre stage, the most enchanting political candidate, Esther Obiri-Darko, the green candidate for Wandsorth in today's upcoming by-election.

Esther is a tangible hope for the future.

Here is a woman who refuses to be muffled on matters important to her electorate; here is a woman who speaks up for the people of Wandsworth on the issues that really concern them such as the dire levels of air pollution, the planned attack on women's services, and the need to ensure that renting your home is secure and affordable.

I had the good fortune to be in London last weekend when Esther and her dedicated campaign team took to the streets of Tooting to set up the 'cuppa and chat with Esther on the sofa'.

Nat, Esther, Sian, Nick and Di

Completely undeterred by rain, it wasn't long before Esther's wonderful team had furnished a 'Welcome Tent' with trimmings second to none!

And you would have to admit, there's nothing quite like joining someone warm and friendly for a quick cuppa and a chat, not to mention a delicious Anzac biscuit in this instance made by the fabulous Di (my Australian-living-in-England-chum,) when you have things that really concern you and you want want to be listened to.

Meeting Esther and her team I couldn't fail but appreciate that the genie is well and truly out of the bottle now, and that the tightly controlled and managed way that politicians to date have manipulated our lives is no longer applicable in today's world.

There's a new type of politician to choose from ... and I've seen the future ...

... it's Esther.

 Esther has our future covered; Esther has our children's futures covered.

Vote for our children ... VOTE GREEN

Monday, May 30, 2016

Open letter to NSW children: Anzac Parade our French multi-national Penn Station moment

Dear children of Sydney and all over NSW,

We have failed you. Your grown ups have been playing at mud pies in a pernicious adult sort of a way and the game has got very murky.

A sludge of global companies pretending to be 'fair dinkum' aussie ones has invaded our public institutions by stealth all the while facilitated by our public officials and politicians. I am afraid we have not been able to prevent the desecration of your homes and your futures - this terrible state of affairs has happened on our watch and has been perpetrated by our democratically elected representatives whom we have voted for. Right now the premier Mike Baird and his road minister Duncan Gay and others are overseeing the triumph of violence and stupidity in New South Wales. They literally are dripping with guilt

Yes, we voted for these destroyers some of whom are parents and grandparents to some of you.

I am so sorry.

There were a few of us who tried to broadcast warnings as to what was looming but we were pilloried as "Cassandras" and as with the mythological Cassandra  we were not to be believed or heeded.

Unfortunately that very Australian 'she'll be right, mate' approach to life acted as a barrier to us actually seeing what was happening in our parliaments and their back rooms, committee rooms, or whatever you like to call them. Most people did not imagine for a minute the extent of the destruction that was to come - and come it has.

The felling of the beautiful trees on Anzac Parade and Alison Road is basically Sydney's Penn Station moment.

(Image: Penn Station, mashable.com)
Bear with me for a quick little recap of another immense urban atrocity that happened in New York over 50 years ago because there are similarities. You will see over your lives that history has a nasty tendency to repeat itself particularly when good men and women take their eye off the ball for a moment ... sigh.

Anyway, Pennsylvannia Station was one of New York's most magnificent stations of the twentieth century until the 1960s. It was a grand entrance into New York for anybody and everybody.

Penn Station had been built in 1910 and then inexplicably in 1963 it was demolished according to the wishes and desires of Big Developa and Big Pollie to make way for ... wait for it ... a  monstrous sports stadium and entertainment centre which some of you may well have heard of ... Madison Square Gardens ... sounds familiar to what is on the cards for Sydney.


Just as with our Anzac Parade and Alison Road, there were plenty of protests held, and plenty of passionate people making the case for the station to remain, and of course there were plenty of police and sadly plenty of vested interests political and otherwise licking their lips and getting ready to line their pockets with $$$.

(Image: Penn Station, mashable.com)
Unfortunately the protesting New Yorkers, admirably led by Jane Jacobs, (and if you ever have a minute do read her fabulous book "The Death & Life of Great American Cities"), were not successful saving Penn Station.

(Image: Penn Station, mashable.com)
One of the most beautiful railway stations in the world was destroyed for pure greed.

However the battle for Penn Station and its preposterous destruction did prepare New Yorkers for other planned onslaughts in their city one of which was the outrageous proposed destruction of Grand Central Terminal in 1975.

(Image: Grand Central Terminal, www.wikipedia.org)
This time it was Jackie Kennedy Onassis who took the baton with her band of protestors and fought for the station's survival. Having seen what had happened the decade before, New York was ready to be galvanised into action and this time the protestors were successful and today, as some of you probably know, Grand Central Terminal is an iconic New York landmark visited by millions of people every year. Some of you have probably even been there - just think, it nearly went the same way as Penn Station.

(Image: Grand Central Terminal, www.downtownmagazinenyc.com)
But back to our tragedy with our beautiful trees, many of them so lovingly planted in memory of the Anzacs in 1917.

On a side note, I have just started transcribing Anzac First World War diaries in a voluntary capacity for the NSW State Library and I have to tell you that I have not got very far. Reading the diaries makes for the saddest reading I have ever done.

I feel each sentence is reaching out to me across the last 100 years from the damp fetid terrifying trenches of the Somme in France to make sure that I bear witness to the fact that war is not for the ordinary man or the ordinary woman or the ordinary child but for the ever present greedy Big Corpa and politician-puppets that we have always had with us.

The sentences envelop me in a pall of sadness, and this is all the more acute right now when I look at what our hypocritical politicians are doing to these young men's memorial on Anzac Parade. And then that pall of sadness turns to anger when I think that those dead Anzacs did not give their lives so some rich 'fucker' like Mike Baird could destroy Sydney. (Whoops, but not sorry, children, grrr).

These trees play such an important part in our city; environmentally, socially, 'memorially' ... and we need them. Countless generations of Australians and visitors have marvelled at our magnificent tree-lined boulevards. No longer - they have gone ... sigh.

I am so sad, I am so sorry.

Ok, children, why don't we now have a look together at this Team Sydney Destruction ... oh I probably should use their preferred nomenclature, ok, Altrac Light Rail consortium.

This group has agreed:
 "... to build a 12 km light rail route in Sydney, Australia, worth AUS$ 2.1 billion (US$ 1.5 billion) in order to help reduce congestion. It will comprise of a 12 km track, 19 stops, a bridge over the Eastern Distributor toll road, a tunnel under Moore Park, Control Centre facilities, housing for the light rail vehicles, a maintenance depot, and substations with other service buildings along the route."
... jeez that's a lot of infrastructure to plonk in Sydney.

Anyway, I hear you ask, 'who are Altrac Light Rail Consortiom?' ...

... and that is a good question indeed.

Answer: a melting pot of greedy corporates which have seen an immense opportunity for making a billion or two, and following best Big Corpa practice like the good corporates that they are, have employed the use of friendly independent sounding business names to confuse what are essentially corporate subsidiaries so as to project a nice familiar trustworthy local feel not normally associated with the faceless parent mult-national companies that actually run stuff in our homeland.

So here we go, let's have a peep at them, and see what we know so far:

Altrac Light Rail Consortium (previously Connecting Sydney), consists of:
1. Acciona
  ... a dodgy Spanish company which has seen two of the firm’s senior executives being investigated by a Spanish magistrate and anti-corruption prosecutors over allegations of misappropriation of public funds, falsifying documents and money laundering.
(Screen capture: Daily Mail UK)

2. Alstom
... a dodgy French company which has been "at the centre of corruption charges in the UK ...
 ... and the US and was fined $800 million last December after an FBI investigation into bribery."
... and then because they were in such a pickle with their piggy bank, Alstom had to sell the energy and grid part of their company and allow themselves to be acquired by General Electric, a US company, which meant Alstom's role in their brand spanking new partnership with DCNS, yet another dodgy french company (which has just landed the $50 billion Australian contract to build us 12 submarines by 2030) was taken over by GE.

3. Capella Capital

... in a relationship with Lendlease (isn't everybody?) and was the sponsor, infrastructure developer and financial advisor to Altrac.

4. Transdev Sydney, oh boy, here we go ...

(Image: Transdev, the parent)
... formerly Veolia Transport, which was formerly Connex, (dumped and fined $11.2 million by the Victorian Government for poor rail services) which was formerly CGEA Transport when the public transport divisions of Compagnie Générale des Eaux (CGE) and its subsidiary Compagnie Générale d'Entreprises Automobiles (CGEA) were merged (hmmm ... did the French inspire Duncan Gay to merge Roads & Traffic Authority and NSW Maritime to create the Roads & Maritime Services?), but I digress back to the the merged French company which was the international transport services division of the French-based multinational company Veolia Environnement until the 2011 merger between Veolia Transport and Transdev, formerly a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, which gave rise to Veolia Transdev (which lost the Yarra Trams government contract and was fined $1.84 million) and which then in July 2011, amid disappointing financial results caused Veolia Environnment to divest its participation in Veolia Transdev exiting transport all together leaving Transdev on its own, a French-base international private public transport operator with operations in 19 countries and in which Caisse des Dépôts has shares) ... got that, kids?!
Oh là là , what a tangled web we weave.

This is the world of globalisation and Trans-PacificPartnerships and secrecy and cloak and dagger government and powerful people's machinations and pretence too because Big Corpa knows that we are becoming less and less trusting of them each day, hence their pathetic trick of pretending they are home-grown enterprises.

C'est nul! (french for 'it sucks!')
(Screen capture:Paris Champs Elysees, car-free thoroughfare, BBC News)
Now can you imagine if the boot was on the other foot how outraged the Parisiennes would be if an Australian transport company started setting up metal barriers on the Champs Elysees and then brought in the chainsaws and the woodchippers and removed their trees along their beautiful street?

I am sure you can- it would not be pretty - the French would not be happy.
Yet here in Australia reports detailing 'misappropriation of public funds, falsifying documents and money laundering' by these companies now entrusted with remodelling of our city have not shocked our elected government.

I am letting you know, children, that it is a serious state of affairs when the act of bribing government officials and politicians to land lucrative development and construction contracts becomes the order of the day (plat du jour) and does not raise a mention from our premier or his cabinet.

Why should we settle for these corrupt multi-nationals building our future irrevocably changing our city for the worse? From what we have seen so far, their track record appears poor and untrustworthy.

Why are our politicians happy with them?

Why have operations not been halted immediately?

The perception of conflicts of interests is at an all time extreme, and you have to wonder whether our very own politicians are not actually agents for these multi-nationals themselves. It truly does appear as though the 'mafiosi' or something similar has ensconced themselves very snugly into our Parliaments and Cabinets, and have morphed into our politicians.

But sadly, children, I am afraid there's more, because the french reach doesn't stop with Altrac ... sigh.

A hop skip and a jump from Anzac Parade and Alison Road we have the Inner West and the catastrophe that is being rolled out there - WestCONnex.

(Slideshow & song put together in 2015 by yours truly with apologies to Roberta Flak)
Yet again the venality of polticians and developers is on show. Yet again politicians and developers have conspired to gut a great city simply because the dollars $$$ smell oh so sweet.

There is nothing good about WestCONnex ... absoloutely nothing.

(Screen capture: Junkee on WestCONnex)
People's homes and close knit communities are being destroyed, more police are being deployed to act as henchmen for dubious politicians and Big Corpa, and like all the other multi-nationals which come here for a sweet sweet lucrative contract, the WestCONnex debacle too has turned out to be dodgy.

(Screen capture: Sydney Morning Herald)
Furthermore it also turns out (of course it does) the multi-nationals for the different projects are connected ... who knew ... I mean I was a little suspicious when I saw the word 'Connex' in Transdev's profile ... could there be a connection with WestCONnex, n'est-ce-pas?

And sure enough we don't have to look very far to find one.

It turns out that our Gladys, Treasurer of New South Wales, and our Duncan, Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, also aka Sydney Motorway Corporation (a private corporation created purely to avoid freedom of information demands with these two NSW cabinet ministers the only shareholders), have awarded the contract for the operation and maintenance of the WestCONnex motorway to Fulton Hogan Egis O&M Pty (FHEO&M).

And guess what?

It turns out that the 'Egis' part of this group is a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, which guess what ... has shares in Transdev which guess what was formerly 'Connex' ... oh boy, so with all the different parents and children of Big Corpa it turns out Sydney Light Rail and WestCONnex are siblings or cousins, or maybe both.

I am afraid, children, that Mike Baird and his government do not care about you and me, nor do they care that they do not have a proper city plan. They have made that quite clear. I think we can all assume their departments to be full of experts who at some stage over the recent savage surgery of our beautiful city would have advised the government that the plan for Sydney is a disastrous 'white elephant.'

Our politicians know just as well as you and I know that the current light rail and WestCONnex plans will be ludicrously costly and will turn out to be utterly usesless. Yet notwithstanding this knowledge they continue with their crazy modus operandi because powerful people with money have asked them to do so.

Communities and community spirit are not commodities to privatise willy nilly or sweep away like rubble under the private-public-partnership carpet.

Sydney's political and business elites are transforming the city's landscape in a way that would have been unimaginable five years ago. The posturing of Mike Baird and his refusal to address the calamaties that have been created through his neo-con mindset expose the conceit of a man who actually believes the spin that he is a cool celebrity premier. As he flagrantly destroys large tracts of land in the Inner West along with the beautiful trees on Anzac Parade and Alison Road, we are losing invaluable public space as well as the vital fabric of inner city communities.

We are now in a strange situation in Sydney where defending democracy, human rights, the environment and our communities has become radical - exactly when did that become radical?

Mike Baird is our democratically elected representative, and as such he should be obeying us. He is not, so we should simply throw him out.

Once again I am so sorry for what has happened on my watch, but I promise you, children, that I will fight and keep fighting for your futures even if that means a spot of civil disobedience alongside old and new found friends.

Yours in tears and motivation,
Sue Abbott